Korda Family Hall of Notes Hall of Notes

Engaging visitors for lifelong meaningful Judaism.

The final station is a highly interactive space for exploration, reflection and connection. Visitors are guided to a ‘prayer room’ with tranquil music and space for reflection where they can write their own prayers to place into the Wall. There is a huge touch screen wall using armband technology to allow visitors to explore famous Jews who impacted the world, get a taste of Talmud, discover their Hebrew name and birthday… and lots more. Throughout the room there are real Rabbis available to answer questions. And finally, the café hosts digital kiosks equipped with interactive touch-screens enable visitors to learn more about Aish and opportunities happening in Jerusalem and beyond. This section enables visitors to practically connect their past to their Jewish future.

This room is truly transformative. Custom curation makes this an experience not just a museum.

It’s impossible for someone to exit without feeling passionate and engaged, and knowing that Judaism has something to offer them personally, regardless of their background, opinions and interests.

looking for opportunities

Self guided prayer

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